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These Detours take you to the homes of artisans who have been creating magic for several centuries - watch how they transform thread, wood, metal or even clay, into a piece of art. Understand how deeply their lives are entrenched in their craft and discover the beauty of age old techniques that create masterpieces, which often don't make it to a regular market.
The Weavers Detour
The Deccan region is home to several unique weaving techniques. This Detour explores some of these styles; Pochampally, which has a complete village dedicated to its craftsmen and Himroo, Mushroo, Paithani which today is practiced by just a handful of people. All the techniques will leave you in awe of the accuracy and intricacy needed to weave each of the pieces to perfection.

This detour lasts between four to six hours. You could also choose to combine this with some other Detour.

The Jewelry Detour
Exquisite pearls, magnificent uncut diamonds, emeralds, shiny lac bangles...this city has it all! Visit the narrow lanes of the Choodi Bazaar and meet the craftsmen who have spent their lifetime mastering these crafts. Hear the several stories about the Nizam's famed jewelry collection. Try on some exquisite, antique pieces and feel like royalty. If the sparkle of diamonds and the glint of gold is your thing, then this Detour is a must for you.

This tour lasts between four and six hours - a little more if you get carried away with the shopping! You could choose to combine this with some of our other Detours.

The Andhra Craft Detour
Andhra, like so much of India has had multiple influences in the area of arts and crafts, be it handloom weaving techniques or metal crafts, paintings or toy making. On this tour, visit the homes of craftsmen who have been creating hand painted masterpieces using the art of Kalamkari and Cherial scroll paintings. See how materials like wood, coconut shells, metal wires take on a life of their own and end up as colorful Ettikopakka and Kondapalli toys, Nirmal masks and tribal art pieces.

This detour lasts about four hours. You could also choose to combine this with some of our other Detours.

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