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Are you one of those travellers who like to get under the skin of the city? For those looking for a chance to explore the hidden by-lanes of the city or to see it through the eyes of an insider, we offer highly personalised and customised tours that will help you get a real experience of the place.

Since 2008 we, at Detours have been helping travellers experience Hyderabad in a unique way. Instead of the conventional tourist traps or run of the mill sightseeing trips, we help you discover the secrets of the city through our Detours. So, go on a culinary expedition and dine with families who have passed down their recipes down generations. Wander down hidden alleys and uncover the intrigues and magic of this city. Or immerse yourself in the lost world of kings and courtesans. Experience the city and her people up close, their food, the culture, and their traditional crafts.

Each Detour could last from a few hours to a full day or anything in between, depending on how long you have… Come, take a Detour…..

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It is often said that Hyderabad is to cities what Taj Mahal is to buildings – a monument of love. Both were named to commemorate the respective beloveds – Taj for Mumtaz, Bhagnagar (the original name of Hyderabad) for Bhagmati.

Over several centuries, Hyderabad has become a place that epitomizes an enchanting mix of cultures and traditions. You can see this reflected in the architecture, taste it in the cuisine of the region and feel it in the pulse of the city. The city reverberates with stories of Persian kings falling in love with Hindu dancers, Sufi saints spreading their message of universal brotherhood, Muslim rulers granting jagirs to build temples and offering Hindu puja to placate a flooding river, a British Resident risking it all to marry a Muslim noblewoman, Parsis and Arabs all celebrating Hindu festivals ….the stories are endless… In the time that you spend with us, we at Detours hope that this wonderful amalgamation of lives, hearts and souls is the impression of Hyderabad that you are left with. Below are the list of our offerings in Hyderabad.


Each year, Detours organises a twelve-day culinary journey of four cities that will bring to the fore the variety and complexity of the cuisine but more importantly, you will get an in-depth view on the culture of the people that is inseparable from the food they eat. Led by Jonty Rajagopalan, the tour group size would range between 4 and 9 persons. You can either ask us to design a tour for your group or look for information about our forthcoming tours.

the deccan discovery

The word Deccan is an Anglicisation of the word Dakkhan that literally means “South” and geographically refers to the flat tableland that is bounded in the North by the Vindhya Mountains and by the Krishna-Tunghabhadra river basin in the South. This patronage of several ancient and medieval rulers has given rise to a rich and vibrant culture, which is also known for its syncretic nature. Replete with ancient cave temples, rock-cut monasteries, cave paintings, art, music & dance forms as well as fine textiles, this region is a delight to the intrepid travellers seeking to explore the lesser-known parts of India.

Detours organises a 12-day journey through the Deccan to help travellers discover this region. The cities and towns include Aurangabad, Hyderabad, Bidar, Gulbarga, Bijapur and Hampi. For more information on our upcoming tours, contact us.

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“I would recommend the “The White Mughals” tour to anyone, and everyone. As a British resident in India, I learned more in a day with Jonty than any other time since I’ve been here. She was knowledgeable and welcoming, and was able to answer any question on India and its history and culture, however significant or trivial. I will certainly be back to try out more of their detours.”

New Delhi / UK

Discovering Hyderabad with Detours was like being welcomed by an Indian friend. In between visits getting to sample the best streetfood in various holes-in-the-wall then hopping to a craftman’s workshop to see techniques of the past . I can only recommend it . Truly everybody came back with the best memories!


If you have some free time on your next visit to Hyderabad, you may want to consider scheduling a “jaunt w/ Jonty” as your local tour guide. Jonty offers a variety of theme tours for your preference and she will guide you thru an intimate, fun tour of Hyderabad as she offers a personal touch that is absent from the larger, more commercially-driven tours. My personal favorite was the Marketplace tour of Old Hyderabad – quite a place to see if you’re used to shopping in a large, under-roof mall like me…

Data Warehousing, Novartis

Jonty provides a cultural site seeing experience that is quite different from the usual tour, Her events are insightful, personal and for those who are interested in having a direct experience with the people and city life that is Hyderabad, this is the way to go.

Head Global Shared Services Integration Management & Operations, Novartis

“Detours is the guide you want for Hyderabad. Rather than a “to-your-left-to-your-right” script, you are treated to a feast of stories that make the monuments of Hyderabad come to life. You can also count on them to take you to biryani joints and to artisans at their craft in Charminar. Who knew bangles were made one at time? Visitors and dwellers of Hyderabad: get to know your marvelous city!”

Seattle, USA

Detours briefed us well before we decided to use you, providing a core suggestion with a number of possible alternatives. Throughout the day we were fully briefed on the history and culture of what we were seeing. We were picked up promptly from our hotel, and the driver was always on hand to whisk us to our next stop. After 9 hours or so, we had seen palaces, markets and weaving workshops. In every case, with an individual slant. We look forward to coming back for more.

London, UK

A Detour with Jonty in her beloved Hyderabad is a festival of learning about this great city – it’s dramatic history, stirring epicurean delights, and vibrant crafts. We were completely captivated for three days!

New Delhi, India

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